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Regular visitors to our web sites know that we post construction jobs. That’s just a small portion of what we actually do. We maintain the country's largest network of over 2000 RV equipped construction workers and crews from all over the country.  Have you ever seen a project with a makeshift RV park in the middle of nowhere or after a hurricane or other natural disaster?  There' a good chance they got there with our help. Are you RV equiped and willing to travel?

We also handle the application process for over 300 job site trailers. Those are the office trailers you see on most job sites. We have deals set up with many GC’s and/or superintendent’s to receive and process all job application received in these trailers.  It saves the bother of someone having to find an application or just sticking the guy’s phone number on the board and hoping the contractor gets it. They place us on the general use computer and when someone comes into the trailer looking for work, they just point them to the computer. We'll make sure the right person receives the application in a timely manner.

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Fax us at 864-676-2882
P.O Box 26492   Greenville, SC 29616
Fax us at 864-676-2882.
P.O Box 26492   Greenville, SC 29616

Because many of our Partnered Contractors deal with FEMA/Other Federal Agencies we follow OFCCP guidelines on data storage, privacy and security.
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Holly:  Account Specialist

Holly received her Masters in Education from Southern Wesleyan University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University in Veterinary Medicine. Besides keeping our visitor and partnered contractors busy she also maintains a substitute teaching position in the local School Districts.

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Susan:  Office Manager/Data Administrator

Susan has been with DryWallFlorida from the start. With many years as a Federal Contract Administrator for an FAA aircraft repair facility (Starcraft Aerospace) and a Bachelor of Science degree from Valdosta University she has what it takes to insure that our ducks are always in a row at all times.

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Scott:  IT Technician/Account Specialist

Scott brings a bizarre combination of third generation contractor, an extensive knowledge of computers and several years experience working for a construction based employment firm. His skills include finding work for our visitors and making sure our network of job site trailers is always up and running smoothly.

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Steve:  General Operations

With close to 30 years experience in the interior construction industry, Steve has the knowledge, contacts and experience to get our partnered contractors the people and bid opportunities needed to stay busy in today's challenging construction market.

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